Monday, May 15, 2006

Text and Images

Google Adsense offers two main kinds of contextual advertising, Text and Images (Or both if you wish)

Choosing which to use can play a very big role in you site.

Text is good for inline advertising, making teh advert look embedded in your text, also if you choose one such as a wide sky scraper it will show four different advertisements relating to your site, which gives you a 4x chance of displaying an advert of interest to your viewer.

Image adverts are useful because they are more eyecatching, though they are not much use as inline adverts teh old adage 'an image is worth a thousand words comes' comes to the fore. An image is much better at directly influencing a persons emotions, so if used correctly may help increase clickthroughs.

If you reffer back to the heatmap this would be a good place to point out placement of different kinds of adverts.

A text advert will need to be in a place where a viewer will read the text, whereas an image may capture someones eye wherever it is on the page. Judging by this it may help to place text adverts in the high view areas, and banners in places where the eye does not take in as much detail. in all cases the best way to see what works best is simply to play about with it. Different things may work for your site than what will work for others!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Adsense Content

The adverts in adsense will always try to be relevent to the content on your site, I wrote breifly about this before but I will go into more detail here on how to fix problems that crop up with this!

The main problem I discovered was when I put adsense into my general blog Ramblings of an Office Worker . Because there was no specific topic in my blog adsense tended to advertise blog type things on my site, these are not very efficient, especially if you are advertising startup blogging sites on one of the worlds leading blogging sites. A fairly quick workaround for this is to make your writing more specific, even better, make several blogs focusing on each different area of content. Unfortunately this doesnt always works, especially if the blog is just somewhere to rant or pour your heart out every day.

Another way to do this is just make sure you use keywords around the advert, making them relevant to the kind of adverts you want to appear on your site.

If your site is a standalone site you should not really suffer from this problem, since the site you made will be focused on the content it should stay fairly accurate!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Match Your Colour To Your Content

This may seem rather ambiguous but colour is an incredibly important tool in your site. The best way to have people read your adverts is to make sure your site captures a viewers attention, and colour is a great way of doing this. Take two examples, an extreme sports site and a meditation site, two fairly extreme ends of the spectrum.

So your reader knows that they have found what they are looking for the colour on your site should match the topic, so extreme sports could ahve a black and orange layout, that subliminally suggests excitement and danger, whereas a meditation site could have a calming pale blue or yellow, this is a more relaxed kind of colour scheme. This may not seem like much but if the viewer of your site FEELS like they have found something relevant then they are more likely to read on.

The great thing about this is that it is nearly instantaneous, the viewer doesnt have to read any text to be attracted to your site, so it makes it just that little bit more likely that they will stay.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

High Paying Keywords

You will regularly see places offering lists of high paying keywords, saying you could make millions out of these, do not be fooled. Although there are some keywords in google that do pay extremely handsomely they tend not to be clicked on quiet so much.

Remember that it is better to have a high quality site with lots of repeat visitors than a site based around an obscure subject which may only attract one or two visitors a day.

If your site is based on a high paying, obscure, key word it may help if you make it one section of a larger site, that way you can get the occasional click on teh high paying keyword but you can still pull in a large quantity of visitors to the rest of your site!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Money From a Lotto Syndicate

I have joined a new lottery scheme that i think will work to everyones favour,
They charge £5 a week to enter both uk draws. I admit that to start with i was sceptical about this, but after the first two weeks i had gained £57. Of course this wont happen every week, but it gets better!

There is a huge scope for referal gains with this scheme, as some of the people will tell you on the linked site, I think this will be my number one gainer beating most of my banner ads and such, if you own a high traffic website this could be THE income generator for you!

If you refer someone you will get 20% of their payment, so if you refer 5 people yu play for free!

Not only that - But for each of the people they refer you get 5% and 5% of the people they reffer down to seven layers, and after that, if you do well enough you can have infinate layers from 1 -2%, this could generate a huge income!

Im already playing for free, so are most of my family and some of my friends, and pretty soon im expecting a cheque for my referal bonuses!

If that isnt enough, play grab a grand free, if your 5 of your numbers match the lottery draw you instantly win £1000 and ontop of that if anyone you referred wins you get £1000 too!

Dont forget though, on top of the cheque you still stand the chance to win huge sums in your syndicate, with chances up to 37,000% more likely!

Heres the referal scheme, as you can see the amounts are incredibly generous!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Beware the Easy Click Schemes

Despite how tempting it may seem the promise of many clicks for nothing almost always results in a ban. Our suggestion is to ignore these at all costs, only participate in click through and banner schemes when they only work by advertising on other sites, no forced clicking or similar. The only way some one should be sent to your site and then click on a google link is if they are intrested in the adverts.

Also there have been reports of people being blackmailed, people will threaten to repeatedly click on your ads to get your account banned. If this occurs inform Google straight away, they will be able to look out for the spam clicker and block his clicks from registering. I wouldnt worry about this unless you have a major site though, the smaller sites tend not to get a huge amount of traffic!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Advertising Scheme

You may have noticed the following new banner on my site

I have just found this site and it seems like i may be a huge moneymaking opportunity, with upto $1 a click, most google adsense clicks are about $0.05, only the advertisers pay more than $0.50 in my opinion!

Though adult friend finder may not be suitable for a large number of sites it does have a massive array of options for banner creation, so you can target by age range or location, include or exclude adult content.

Join today for free!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Beware of Ebay

Chances are if you have been looking at adsense you will have noticed sites for sale on websites & ebay offering you several hundred sites with the promise of thousands of dollars a month. these do NOT work, search engines block sites with duplicate content (the site you buy will also be sold to hundreds of other people).

Dispite the dreams of easy money the best way is to create a site which is unique content rich, updated daily and attracts some regular visitors, mas marketed sites do none of this!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Alternative Advertisers

Googles Adsense isnt the only paying advertiser out there, I would also recommend Clicksor this not only pays upto 85%, but can be used on some sites where google may not want to allow its ads.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Key Words

Make sure that your Adsense adverts pick up the keywords on your site, if the adverts on your site relate to the text it is much more likely that people will be intrested in them.

It may seem obvious, but non targetted adverts are a huge waste of space, and you would be surprised how often they appear on a site. Especially on Blogger it is hard to keep keywords focused on the main content of your site rather than the word 'blog'. Try putting a keyword above the advert, or making sure that the advert is placed within the relevent text, not in a seperate table or frame.

On my personal blog it is a huge problem because the content is not focused ona particular area, does anyone know how I could make my ads more relevant, help would be greatly apreciated!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Community Spirit

Another useful way of getting more traffic, and integrating into the web, is to find sites based around simmilar topics and to forma link exchange, that means that they have your link on their site, and you have theirs on yours. Not only does this move traffic between your sites, but any search engine spider that hits one site will automatically follow the link through to the other.

Again, the best way to do this is to merge teh link into your website, so it is only a little bit obtrusive.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Colour Blending

The second thing you must consider, after placing the advert, is the colour scheme. In most cases the adverts that work best are the ones that blend in with your website. Obtrusive banners, which glare and flash are usually ignored, nowdays automatically, this is classed as Banner Blindness'

Another well used technique is the removal of borders, this not only makes the advert integrate into your website more efficiently, but it also helps prevent the reader from missing adverts that may have been of interest to them!

Make sure the content of the Advert Matches the content of your Website, as you can see on this website, the adverts are useful, providing tools and futher information to increase your revenue. They provide adverts related to blogging, Adsense, and Other available revenue generating schemes, such as clickbank. These are good adverts because they are Useful to you, the reader.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

First things first, the positioning of adverts on your site can make a huge difference to your revenue potential, the heat map on googles FAQ here is a very good guide as to where best to place your ads for maximum clicks. Be careful not to put the ads ina location where they may discorage teh person from staying on, or revisiting your site.

An banner on top, an skyscraper on the right, and a large rectangle below seems to be a popular option, however there are many variations, and it is upto you to find the one that works best for your site. Below you can see where the best ad locations are. This is based on Googles Adsense statistics so is fairly accurate, rememebr though, it depends on how the ads look in your site as to how effictive they are.

Welcome to the latest blog covering the aspects of adsense and the best tools and tricks to get revenue from your blog or website,

In the near future I will have detailed posts about heatmaps, blended colour schemes, keywords and tools to optimise your adverts!

Until this website is brought up to speed feel free to check out the links, there are many useful tools out there which you should find helpful on your path to a high revenue producing site.